I was going through old blogs and diaries because…nostalgia? Boredom?… whatever….

anyway, I was doing THAT and I ran across this gem of a dream.  Below features a vomiting robot, shriners, and Richard Nixon(s).

Copied verbatim from September 3rd, 2008.

I was in my grandmother’s house (in my dream, not really her house), which we owned (we don’t) and were renting it out to a certain band I may have been listening to as I dozed off (Julius C). I, for whatever reason, was lying down in my grandmother’s house, practically immobile because I was so sick. Then I started coughing horribly, and a robot came in. The robot was basically Bender, without being Bender, and started,purposefully, vomiting all over the place, cause he could. So now, I have vomit all overmy clothes, and I want to get clean, so I got across the street to my parent’s place to chage clothes, which took a while cause I was in pain. So, one of the guys from the band (who was apparenlty raiding our fridge? But was only technically him, I mean, he didn’t look like anyone from the band, but it’s a dream, yeah?) asks me how I am, and my dad asks about the vomit, and I said “Don’t blame me the robot did it!” and asks if I cleaned up the vomit from the house, and I had one of those “Oh…. crud” moments, and dad waslike “We have the shriners staying there!Go clean it!” but the guy from the band said he’d go clean it up, and ran across the street. I ran after him to help clean up, and the shriners come out, and they’re all in tiny cars, and all tiny, but there’s practically an army of them, and they’re all in rows, alternating between ducks with glasses and Richard Nixons with googly-eyes.



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To be continued...

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